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12.07.2016A small update to both UTFT and URTouch today.

UTFT v2.82:
• added support for the new 3.2" (Rev2 ILI9341-based) display module from Coldtears
• TFT controllers used only by display modules and shields that have been retired are now disabled by default

URTouch v2.01:
• added support for the new 3.2" (Rev2 ILI9341-based) display module from Coldtears

19.06.2016Due to the fact that the word UTouch is a registered trademark I have been forced to rename the library formely named just that. The new name of the library is URTouch. The library is exactly the same as the old library with the exception that the class also has been renamed. The added R in the name is to signify that the library is for resistive touch screens.

The UTFT_Buttons library has also been updated to comply with the renamed library.

A few other updates have also been made around the website due to the renamed library.

14.06.2016IMPORTANT: There have been quite a few messages sent to me with invalid email addresses lately. I have tried replying to every message sent to me up until now and if you have not received a reply you are most likely one of those who have supplied an incorrect email address.
If this is the case you can try resending your message but make sure your email address is correct.

03.03.2016The UTFT Analog Clock project has had a minor update to comply with v2.0 of the DS1307 library.

13.02.2016It has been quite a while but the DS1307 library has finally gotten an update to v2.0.

• added begin()
• added getUnixTime()
• added support for Arduino Due, Arduino Leonardo, Bobuino and chipKit
• added support for hardware I2C (all platforms)
• modified setDOW() to calculate DOW from RTC date if desired
• fixed a bug that made the library freeze when using D0 for SDA
• fixed a bug in getMonthStr() and getDOWStr()

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