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and use any of my projects or libraries, and would like to encourage further development you can donate through PayPal here:

Rather donate hardware directly? Then click here.


Donate hardware?

I am always on the look-out for new and interesting hardware :)

I appreciate any hardware you would like to donate but there are a few things I am especially interested in that I have listed below.

In addition to the stuff listed below I am always on the look-out for interesting modules, devices, gadgets and other dohickeys.

What I do not need: Random assortment of components/junk. I already have more than enough of that...

If you have any hardware you would like to donate I would ask you to send me a message through the contact page and I will send you the shipping address.

Please note that any shipments sent to me must be customs declared as a gift with a value of US$30.-/€25.- or less for tax purposes.

Development boards:
2x Arduino Zero  
1x chipKit uC32 It is always nice to have a spare.
2x chipKit WF32  
FPGA and CPLD boards Preferably with programming hardware if it is needed.
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B  
2x Raspberry Pi Zero  

TFT Displays I can only use display modules/shields supported by UTFT. Please make sure they come from one of the supported vendors.
OLED Displays Currently only SSD1306-based display modules, preferably with I2C interface. I can also use some SPI modules. I am specially looking for 128x32 and 96x16 modules.
LCD Displays KS0108-based (or compatible) graphical display modules in all sizes and colors.
  HD44780-based (or compatible) text display modules in all colors and all sizes except 16x2.

Capacitors (SMD) 10µF Tantalum, 10V (or higher) in SIZE A (EIA:1206, EIA-Metric:3216) on tape (preferably a full reel).
  10µF Tantalum, 10V (or higher) in SIZE C (EIA:2312/2412, EIA-Metric:6032) on tape (preferably a full 7" reel).
LEDs (SMD) Size 0603, any color except green, on tape.
  Size 1210, any color, on tape.
LEDs (SMD) Size 5050, any color except white, on tape.
    -- All types preferably on a full 7" reel.
Microcontrollers (SMD) Atmel ATmega328P-AU (TQFP-32)
  Atmel ATmega1284P-AU (TQFP-44)
  Atmel ATmega2560-16AU (TQFP-100)
  Atmel AT91SAM3X8EA-AU (LQFP-144)
  Microchip PIC32MX320F128H-80I/PT (TQFP-64)
  Microchip PIC32MX340F512H-80I/PT (TQFP-64)
  Microchip PIC32MX795F512L-80I/PF (TQFP-100)