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Project: OLED Analog Clock

This is just a small project I did because I was bored

It is a modified version of the UTFT Analog Clock that has been adapted to work with an I2C OLED display and the DS3231 RTC.

This is an analog clock that requires a minimal amount of hardware, and is cheaper than the UTFT Analog Clock.

In running mode it displays time and date. Since the OLED isn't a touch screen the "Set" button had to go.
This version can only be set via the serial port of the development board. If you open a terminal emulator or the serial monitor in the IDE you can get access to a small menu-driven system for setting the time and date. The serial mode supports some VT100 functions but these are not enabled by default but can be enabled in the source code.

Please note that this sketch has only been tested on an Arduino Due but it should work on all the development boards supported by both of the used libraries.

It should be noted that the project has not been updated to reflect the new recommendations regarding display initialization starting with OLED_I2C v2.00.

Version: 1.0 09 Mar 2015 • initial release

Required hardware:

A development board compatible with the libraries used in this project.
An I2C OLED module compatible with the OLED_I2C library with a 128x64 resolution.
A DS3231 module

Required software:

OLED_I2C library ( Arduino ) ( chipKit )
DS3231 library ( Arduino ) ( chipKit )

Source code:

OLED_Analog_Clock    serialStuff    utils
The required font is also included in the download.

Download sketch: OLED_Analog_Clock.zip    (Filesize is 5.03 KiB. Downloaded 18308 times)