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Project: UTFT Analog Clock

This is just a small project I did because I was bored
It is a modified version of the old ITDB02 Analog Clock that has been adapted to the newer libraries.

This is an analog clock that requires a minimal amount of hardware, but is probably not the most economical thing out there.

In running mode it displays time and date, and a "SET" button. To set the time and date you can press the "SET" button to go to the set-clock mode. There you simply adjust the time and date by pressing the up and down arrows above and below the item you want to change. When adjusting the date, the weekday is automatically calculated. The calculations should be valid for any date from Jan 01, 2000 to Dec 31, 2099.
When you press "Save", only the changes items (time and/or date) will be saved, and the clock will return to running-mode. If you press "Cancel" the clock will return to running-mode without saving any changes.

There might be some bugs in the code as this is something I made rather quickly. Use it at your own risk.

This version also has a serial mode to set the clock. If you open a terminal emulator or the serial monitor in the IDE you can get access to a small menu-driven system for setting the time and date. Be aware that the serial mode is set to support VT100 as default but this can be disabled in the source code.

Version: 1.0 Dec 14 2012 Initial release
  1.01 Mar 03 2016 Minor update to comply with v2.0 of the DS1307 library.
  1.02 Jun 19 2016 Minor update to comply with the renamed URTouch library.

Required hardware:

Arduino Mega or Arduino Mega 2560
A display module compatible with UTFT like these, or some of these. You will need a display with a minimum resolution of 320x240.
A shield or something similar to connect the display module to the Arduino
A DS1307 module
I would highly recommend using the Arduino Mega / Chipkit MAX32 Screw Shield with TFT and RTC from AquaLEDsource for this project as it makes it easy to connect your display module to the Arduino, and it already has a DS1307 on board. In addition you also have all the unused pins broken out to easy-to-use screw terminals.

Required software:

UTFT library
URTouch library
DS1307 library

Demo Video:

A short demo showing how to change the date. I am sorry about the low quality, but my camera does not like LCDs. Video is from the ITDB02 Analog Clock but it is still valid.

Source code:

Download sketch: UTFT_Analog_Clock.zip    (Filesize is 6.71 KiB. Downloaded 15950 times)