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Contributed Software

The files offered for download here are not made by me, or are modified/ported versions of programs I have made.
I can not offer support for these downloads.


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A grey icon means that the download is not available for that OS
ImageConverter 565 for Mac Not available Download for Mac Not available
Contributed by: Anders Lindberg
Filesize: 177MB
Anders ported my ImageConverter 565 to Mac.
It uses wine so that windows is not needed - wine is contained within the app.
Any Mac-specific questions should be directed to Anders through .
Please note that this is V1.1, and not the version currently shipped with UTFT.
Micro Graphics Toolkit Download for Linux Not available Not available
Contributed by: Leoš Kafka
Filesize: <varies>
Leoš has made a Perl script that will create images suitable for use with my UTFT Font Maker from system fonts.
It has only been tested in a Linux environment but may still work on Mac and Windows as well.
Any questions should be directed to Leoš through .
UTFTConverter Download for Linux Download for Mac Download for Windows
Contributed by: Alexander Isenko
Filesize: <varies>
Alexander has made a multiplatform commandline converter from popular picture formats to .c or .raw formats for the UTFT library, built in Haskell.
It is based on the ImgConv tool supplied with the UTFT library.
Any questions should be directed to Alexander through .
UTFT Utilities Download for Linux Download for Mac Download for Windows
Contributed by: Aldas Svambaris
Filesize: <varies>
Aldas has made an offline version of the UTFT Font Maker.
There are also image converters to convert .png file to .c arrays available.
It is written in Java so it should work on most platforms.
Any questions should be directed to Aldas through . Bug-reports can be filed on the download page.