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PCB: Jumbo 7-Segment

I was looking for some fairly large, blue 7-segments, but was unable to find any (at a reasonable price), so I decided to make my own. This is the result.

This is the first PCB I have designed that I have had made in a factory. I used the PCB Prototyping Service by ITead Studio.

My main reasons for selecting their service is that I found the price to be very reasonable, and that I have always gotten excellent service and support from them in the past.
It took a while before the boards got here, but that was due to very slow handling by China Mail, and not the fault of ITead Studio.

When the boards finally got here I must say I am very pleased with the result. I am not an expert, but the quality of the boards seems to me to be very good.

These boards contain SMD parts, but is still fairly easy to solder. I used solder paste from a syringe and a gas heat gun to solder all the SMD parts, and I only fried one transistor. The transistor was easy to replace.

The boards use a serial interface and only require 3 signal-pins for basic operation, and with another signal-pin you can control the LED intensity by PWM.
The boards are designed to be daisy-chained, so you can add as many boards as you might need without any additional signals required.

Bill of materials:

You can use any LEDs you want as long as they all have the same operating voltage and current drain. By all I mean all LEDs on all boards within a daisychained group.


Test Videos:

Test Source Code:


Download Gerber files: Jumbo_7-Segment.zip    (Filesize is 54.16 KiB. Downloaded 704 times)